Diving Into My Life

Hey guys!

I just thought today would be a perfect day to tell you a little about me because I haven’t yet! Here are some random facts!

1. I am one of 4 kids, me being in a set of triplets.

2. I absolutely love looking at inspirational quotes and pictures…they make my life:)

3. I have a fish named Beyonce( she’s fierce)

4. JennaMarbles on youtube is so fricken funny and basically her videos are the only thing I look forward to on Wednesdays

5. I am a highschool student.

6. I love to make people smile, and I am always smiling.

7. I have blonde hair. BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN:)

8. I am a swimmer

9. I am fantastic at procrastinating and memorizing information right before a test.

10. I love blogging! and it makes my day when people leaving comments so please please leave a comment if you have anything to say because I will respond and check out your blog too!

Thanks lovelies,

your blonde blogging bud:)