Beautiful Poem

Hey y’all this is not by me but I thought it was gorgeous and it really made me think!

What if your silent desperate tears were really a quality of the strong?

What if making some mistakes showed you could do no wrong?

What if the sorrowful lose of one was actually a gain?

What is hardships only existed to lessen the excruciating pain?

What if heartbreak gave you a second chance to find the ultimate best?

What if not obtaining everything showed you were greatly blessed?

What if raindrops really meant a priceless day in the sun?

What if something ending showed something else has begun?

What if falling down was the first step in being able to stand?

What if getting confused was actually helping you understand?

And what if every impossible deed could actually come true?

For what if every day you were missing the miracles that pass by you?



Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed!

Love ya,

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When the Going Gets Tough

Hey friends I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been super busy with school! Only 3 more weeks!!

So what i wanted to talk to you guys about today is going through hard times. I know it is not something that many people like to talk about because many people like to put on a fake face and convince themselves and the world that they have the best life ever. But, in reality, no one is perfect and nothing has ever gone perfect for anybody.

So I have some words of encouragement for anybody who is going through any type of trouble, whether it be in relationships, family life, the economy, friends, or anything. What you must know is that you cannot control everything in your life but you can control your reaction. You control every part of yourself!

Whatever is happening in your life, I want you to tell yourself, No matter how things turn out around me, I WILL BE OKAY. I will still be ME and I will be ME for the rest of my time on this earth

I hope i helped anybody who is struggling and BTW I still am waiting for any questions you guys may need advice about so I can start posting some posts to help people out.


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Hello my beauties!

Hope you have a great day today! I wanted to blog really quick because I would like to start giving some advice on my blog(along with random posts like I’ve been doing)maybe one day a week or so…

I’ve always considered myself one to give good advice, and a lot of times I am the one friends come to when they need help, advice, or are having trouble!

So, if you would like to submit a question to me I would LOVE to answer it.

It will be COMPLETELY anonymous if you wish:just email me at:

and your question could be answered!!

Thanks, fierce and love,

your blog advice giving friend:)

okay heres a cute baby<3 Image

Diving Into My Life

Hey guys!

I just thought today would be a perfect day to tell you a little about me because I haven’t yet! Here are some random facts!

1. I am one of 4 kids, me being in a set of triplets.

2. I absolutely love looking at inspirational quotes and pictures…they make my life:)

3. I have a fish named Beyonce( she’s fierce)

4. JennaMarbles on youtube is so fricken funny and basically her videos are the only thing I look forward to on Wednesdays

5. I am a highschool student.

6. I love to make people smile, and I am always smiling.

7. I have blonde hair. BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN:)

8. I am a swimmer

9. I am fantastic at procrastinating and memorizing information right before a test.

10. I love blogging! and it makes my day when people leaving comments so please please leave a comment if you have anything to say because I will respond and check out your blog too!

Thanks lovelies,

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Scary Moment in My Life

Hi guys!

I wanted to share a little story with my viewers about a very scary thing that happened to me one time.

So, my mom and my two sisters were doing some grocery shopping at Publix one lazy Sunday afternoon last summer. We were just going up and down the aisles, when all of a sudden in our peripheral vision we see an old man grab onto a shelf and then fall to the ground, passed out cold. We all saw this at the same time, and thank goodness so did a couple other people. The old man’s face was grey and ashy, almost the same color as the floor.Our hearts started racing with the realization that we were the ones to help this man.  A woman and my oldest sister helped the man up and held onto him. My other sister and I ran up to the front desk to get the manager, as someone dials 911. The old man starts gaining more color and says he is fine so the lady and my sister let him be, but a couple seconds later he fell right down again.

We all knew something was seriously wrong. So much adrenaline was running through everyone’s veins and we all just stood there waiting for the paramedics to come help this man. We got him a chair and food and he began to look back to normal. Thank goodness for the amazing people around and Publix manager that helped this man.

So, the moral of my story today is that not all things are bad in this world. With the growth of social media(I’m a teen I know) and with electronics and such, there are still good people out there that will take initiative and will do what others would rather just stand back and not do.

Thanks so much guys for reading….If you like this you are fricken awesome and if you comment you make my life! Any comment or like will definitely get a view and comment or like on their blog as well!

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AND that is how my username was born

Hey friends!

Today I wanted to share with you the inspiration that “gave birth” to my username. My username nothinbutamemory comes from Miranda Lambert’s song “The House that Built Me”. She talks about returning to the house where she was raised so that she could find herself again.

This song is really meaningful to me. I wish to value everything that I have and realize in every moment how lucky I am just to be here. I wish for me and for you all that you can find yourself and develop a passion for life.

Therefore, the username nothinbutamemory means to me that you cannot really realize the value of a precious moment until you look back on it and find it has become a memory.

LOVE you all,

your bloggosphere friend